8 Home Remedies for Asthma

8 Home Remedies for Asthma

Asthma is a chronic condition that ignites or blocks the airways of the lungs and therefore causes difficulty in breathing. It could be a threat to life. People with asthma usually take the aid of nebulizers; While some turn into oxygen therapy. Oxygen concentrators are great for helping with emergency asthma attacks.

The symptoms of the various types of asthma caused by inflamed airways leading to the lung may also be relieved by the use of some lifestyle changes and home treatments. Even some small additions to the normal diet can help to control or reduce asthma and all of its symptoms.

Eucalyptus oil

The eucalyptol is present in eucalyptus oil and makes it large to clean blocked nasal passages because it has the ability to destroy mucus. You should be breathing in the eucalyptus oil in order to work putting some drops on a towel or a napkin and put it close to your nose when you sleep to provide a good night rest. You can also put a few drops into the bowl of boiled hot water and inhale the vapor directly to relieve your breathing.

Omega-3 fatty acids

Found naturally in various species of fish, nuts, and seeds, omega-3 fatty acids is another remedy for asthma, which is all-natural and you can do it yourself at home. Omega-3 fatty acids are already known for their ability to assist with numerous mental and physical conditions such as mood disorders, heart disease, etc. Now research has found that they should also be effective in reducing and managing airway inflammation As well as the reactivity of the immune system.


This superfood is extremely effective in its anti-asthma. You can use it in dry, raw and fresh forms to treat all types of respiratory diseases.

It has antioxidant and analgesic properties. Its components have anti-inflammatory properties that make it effective with decreasing inflammation as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS). It cleans the excess mucus and swelling from the passages leading to the lungs, and also relaxes them.


You should consider turning to garlic if you’re looking for home remedies that provide quick comfort from asthma symptoms. One way to garlic asthma is to remove 10-12 cloves as part of a glass of water and drink once a day. Many anti-inflammatory properties of Garlic serve as a miracle worker to fight asthma since asthma was an inflammatory disease. The study and evidence suggests that garlic is good to not only make those things happen, but it will also be an asthma.


Drink it in water or swallow the raw poonful, as long as you consume honey doesn’t matter which way you choose to do it will always help you to control your asthma. Probably one of the oldest natural remedies available for asthma and tons of other airway or respiratory problems, it cleans the sputum from your throat and passages to allow you to breathe better. Consumption of honey before you sleep can help to provide good rest at night together with a peaceful chest and throat in the morning.

Mustard Oil

Oil of mustard seeds can help you during the bronchial attack by removing the pressure and opening passages leading to the lungs to improve the function of the lungs. You can just massage the warm mustard seeds on your chest several times until you feel relieved and symptoms subside. It is as safe as it effectively. Oil heating with a small camphor also makes for a super safe as well as a soothing home to treat asthma and asthma. Make sure it is warm when you apply it to your chest and make sure you massage thoroughly.


Including onions in your usual menu or your daily diet can help with your asthma. They make everyone cry and they are pungent, yes, but they are great in conditions like asthma which is inherently inflamed. Red onions are jam-packed with anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, andanti-viral properties. All this combined with vitamin C in them makes them one of the largest natural cures for asthma. Onions stimulate the secretory organs and are called the very own antibiotic of nature because of how effective it is for asthma.

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